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Therapeutic Massage & Spa Treatments
Therapeutic bodywork offers you an opportunity to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, boost your immune system, relax, and pamper yourself. We offer a combination of deep tissue, Swedish, myofacial, and myotherapy massage. Spa treatments include bodywraps, hot-stone therapy, and various other luxurious offerings.

Through guided meditation, you are able to remove obstacles, create shifts, change negative fixed ideas, and revise old thought patterns to resolve current life situations.

Life Coaching
Plan a step-by-step approach to identify your life purpose and core values, while moving forward to accomplish your dreams. Gain new understanding about yourself and life.

Holistic Health Care
Nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy, mind-body therapies, and exercise are combined to prevent disease, promote wellness, support your own healing ability, and teach responsibility for health and well-being. It is treatment of the “whole person.”

Energy Medicine & Spiritual Bodywork
Ancient energy systems are addressed to release old emotional blockages that cause physical occurrences in the body. Some of these modalities include Reiki, Chinese Shamanistic Medicine, Ayurveda, and Reflexology.

Journey to transpersonal realms in a sacred space to meet your spirit guides, alter perceptions, generate better health, and manifest what you truly desire.


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