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The mind, body, and spirit are inter-correlated. When someone's body is run down their mood alters and their relationship to their spiritual connection is affected. Likewise, when someone is experiencing an emotional or spiritual occurrence, it will affect the body.

In our everyday language as a society, we have adopted several phrases that reflect the correlation of body, mind, and spirit. Phrases like, “I was so happy my heart was singing,” “I was so upset I had a lump in my throat,” and “I was so nervous I had butterflies in my stomach,” have become commonplace in our everyday conversations. These phrases reflect what is known within everyone's subconscious, that our physical and emotional states are so interdependent that it is difficult even within everyday speech to separate the two.

At Arizona Holistic Health and Integrative Therapy, we have developed several techniques that combine Eastern and Western modalities of bodywork with guided imagery, massage, aromatherapy, herbalism, nutrition, energy work and spiritual guidance to help support the client's different physiological systems, emotional state, and their connection to their true spirit. This is called integrative therapy, because the therapy integrates numerous modalities of treatment, and also integrates the client as a whole.


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